Wish Fulfillment


David’s mother and her magical genie only want to make America a better place—unfortunately, that means wishing all black people to Africa and ridding the world of homosexuality. Can David convince his mother of the error of her ways? Will the genie coerce her into greater crimes? And where are the pancakes, Africa?

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Title Wish Fulfillment
By Mike Mariano
Copyright 2004, 2006
Cast 1f/3m
Length 25 min.
Type Comedy

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Mike Says:

Why do some people hold chilling preconceptions? And what would happen if they could act upon them? Wish Fulfillment is a playful exploration of the dark side of American life.

Through the MFA dramaturgy program at Brooklyn College, Wish Fulfillment was chosen for a reading in December 2005. As a result I made significant changes to the script and dropped a character.