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Zenyatta Piñata

Zenyatta Lands—In HTML

Before mikemariano dot com breaks for the summer, let me hand in my latest assignment: Zenyatta Piñata. It’s here, folks. A ten-minute play that combines spousal abuse with a joyous party game to comic effect. I’ve done something different this … Continue reading

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Think of Tom Selleck

Though I have a dozen words left to write for Zenyatta Piñata, why not shirk responsibility and revise a finished play? I was thinking of Dodgers great Orel Hershiser today, and regretted naming a sex toy after him in my … Continue reading

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A Good Start

I finished a draft of Zenyatta Piñata last night. (So we’re keeping score correctly, that makes a draft of Zenyatta Piñata, a first draft of the Platonic Philosopher Kings, and a super-expanded Jack, Wanda, and Ben that I’m holding back … Continue reading

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