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The Canine Lucille

Apparently B.B. King has a dog named Lucille, too—and she’s missing! What I found most interesting was the reward. If someone can find the canine Lucille, they will be rewarded with one of King’s Lucille guitars! Unlike my fictional version … Continue reading

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Resolutions for 2003

I may just have news for not just one, but two of my short plays. I will keep you informed. It’s depressing that with all the projects I started in 2002, only three things made it to the site: Urban … Continue reading

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Every Part of the Buffalo

On Sunday night, Dean, Robyn, and I watched the tepid MacBeth makeover Scotland, PA. I found it jaw-droppingly awful. As far as revisionist Shakespeare films go, I enjoyed it less than even Julie Taymor’s Rocky Horror Titus Show. But it … Continue reading

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