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It Takes a Nation of Norwegians to Hold Us Back!

Speak Up Darling, I Can’t Hear You

A few years ago I asked, “Does anyone know the James Bond film in which Sean Connery strangles a woman with her bikini top?” The film was Diamonds Are Forever, and I wanted to rewatch the scene to aid me … Continue reading

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Updated Norwegians

I made some very minor edits to It Takes A Nation Of Norwegians To Hold Us Back! this weekend. While doing so, I decided to change the formatting to what I used for The Cloak Of Horus!. If anyone likes … Continue reading

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Hip-Hop Ibsen

Seriously, folks; I have started at least three weblog entries this year and abandoned them. Here is the process: I attend a play. I think of a funny anecdote to say about it. I write it down in this weblog. … Continue reading

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