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Vote for Muggled!

Our left-coast pals The Hunger Artists are preparing for their Tenth Anniversary production of Madame Guignol’s Macabre Theatre. But instead of new material, they are reviving past Guignol plays—based on your votes. One of the past plays in the running? … Continue reading

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A Good Start

I finished a draft of Zenyatta Piñata last night. (So we’re keeping score correctly, that makes a draft of Zenyatta Piñata, a first draft of the Platonic Philosopher Kings, and a super-expanded Jack, Wanda, and Ben that I’m holding back … Continue reading

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Your Own Private Abu Ghraib

Just now, in the shower: My mind turned from Alberto Gonzales to my own Muggled and the prospect of having your own, private Abu Ghraib. And that gives me an idea. For a musical?

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