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Theatrical Breathplay

While they bother no one else, I loathe the period in a play between when one scene ends and another begins. Scene changes! They all happen the same way: the sound designer plays a flaccid jingle, the lighting designer shows … Continue reading

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The theme to Sanford and Son is now stuck in your head.

On the train last week, a young man asked a question of one of the ticket-takers. The ticket-taker told him to find his supervisor in the next car. “He’s an older guy. Walks like Fred Sanford.” “Huh?” The kid didn’t … Continue reading

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Down With Secret History!

A lot of fiction relies on secret history—a hidden world filled with danger and wonder that often explains the “true” way the world works. While you stand in front of the cashier, choosing to pay for your groceries by debit … Continue reading

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