Speak Up Darling, I Can’t Hear You

A few years ago I asked, “Does anyone know the James Bond film in which Sean Connery strangles a woman with her bikini top?” The film was Diamonds Are Forever, and I wanted to rewatch the scene to aid me in writing a version of this for It Takes A Nation Of Norwegians To Hold Us Back!

I never actually saw the film again, though. I ended up writing Stockmann’s attack from memory. But now that we live in a modern era, someone has helpfully uploaded the strangulation to YouTube.

It’s quite vicious! Bond really should have asked politely.

Also, I misremembered the scene: Bond strangles Marie from the front. I have Stockmann strangle Lina from behind. This prevents the pair from looking each other in the eyes, but that probably isn’t as important in my play as it was in the Bond film.

Now that every conceivable clip from every movie is on YouTube, I have no excuse not to get the details right. Because when you’re ripping something off, the only important thing is fidelity.

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