Karl Miller is Naked for You

Hey, it’s one of my favorite bloggers—Karl Miller! Talking about one of my favorite subjects—onstage nudity!

The nudity he discusses is his own. As an actor, he has disrobed onstage several times in several contexts. But during all of those reveals the stage illusion has to work with the very real nudity. He doesn’t want to upstage himself.

Miller also discusses onstage erections, a topic I made completely ridiculous demands about a few years back. However, that’s not what Miller will provide for you:

…[T]ake off the fig leaf, do it in front of hundreds of fellow Eden exiles, and see what that does for your sense of sexual desire. Yes that’s just a fancy way of saying “shrinkage happens” … but we have language for the same reason we have clothing: to lie with style.

He’s right; penises aren’t trained seals, folks!

Miller is doing all of this in a new play by mikemariano dot com favorite Itamar Moses called Completeness. Instead of metatheatre or boring science, this seems to be a Sexy Science Play. I didn’t expect that from Moses based on his past work, but more power to him and Miller. May they both do well in this and future efforts, clothed and unclothed.

Bonus “I Hate Your Marketing Blurb” Rant: What is Completeness about, anyway?

A chance meeting in the library leads to a scientific collaboration that turns romantic. But they soon realize that love is more complex than any scientific problem they’ve ever encountered.

Wow; absolutely none of that is compelling or original. I wonder if they require Moses’s play to be as dull as its marketing?

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