About Nothing

I have compared Menage a Sartre to a sitcom in the past, most often to Three’s Company. I’ve also viewed the play through the prism of Seinfeld, in particularly the episode “The Switch”, in which we discover Jerry Seinfeld is not an orgy guy. He goes on to describe the expectations of an orgy guy—does this mean a production of my play requires a mustache, lotions, and weirdo lighting? Ask your new friends—orgy friends.

I just finished a first draft of a short story that could be described as a fulfillment of George’s expressed desires in “The Blood”, in which he tries to combine his love of food, sports, and sex into one singular experience.

My short story is very strange and very serious. It also contains no pastrami. I’m not sure if I’m being respectful of the work by comparing it to something with a laugh track. At least it’s a really good show with a laugh track.

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