What Happens Next?

I mentioned the other week that I had revised I Am The Devil and was going to work on scenes to be added to the play.

I think I’m done with my additional scenes. One of them is a new ending!

I was always satisfied with how I Am The Devil ends, but in many ways what I wrote is too abrupt. This is partly by design—Alice pulled off the Band-Aid quickly and she’s going to leave Gabe and Karl feeling the sting. There’s no reason for her to explain herself, either, so I never thought it was appropriate to draw things out. But is it enough to send crowds out the door with that punched-in-the-gut feeling that wraps up in about five minutes, if that?

I decided to ask myself: what happens next? Even if there isn’t anything to resolve, does anything linger? How do Gabe, Alice, and Karl get through the next day?

The scene I wrote does very little to answer this, but it does “very little” in an entertaining way. Plus it gets us out of the office and the restaurant and gives The Man a lot more to do.

I’ll cut this new ending if it’s not necessary, but right now I think it does a lot to make the decisions of these characters stick.

We’ll see. In the meantime, please re-read the current ending of I Am The Devil. If it seems appropriately quick and dirty to you, let me know. Maybe I’ll leave well enough alone.

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