Trust Issues

I saw Paul Weitz’s Trust at Second Stage this evening. It didn’t offend me as much as it could have, so that’s something. Still, did Bobby Cannavale have to play the stereotypical Bobby Cannavale character? Did Ari Graynor have to play the stereotypical Ari Graynor character? And is sound designer “M.L. Dogg” just a pseudonym for “Zach Braff’s iPod”?

Ah, well; Trust‘s jokes were sometimes funny, Sutton Foster looks cute as a button in dominatrix garb, and the indifferent writing, direction, and acting didn’t result in a train wreck. Compared to most of my playgoing, this is quite an endorsement.

Here are some random updates. Hey, look at me. I do stuff.

  • I’m working on a rewrite of I Am The Devil. We’ll see what happens with it. I did a major revision of the entire play a few months ago. Lots of dialogue changes, very little change to the structure. Right now I have a few ideas for replacement scenes and one added scene. We’ll see if they work.
  • I also finished a first draft of my Noël Coward play. It isn’t very good. It is a sex comedy that isn’t sexy, isn’t funny, and doesn’t juggle its different elements of kink as well as I want them to.

Also, the S&M in my Noël Coward play is nowhere nearly as well-researched as the S&M in Trust. Looks like I have some serious web searches to do!

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