Private Lives Are Watching You (Clap Clap)

What’s next on the writing agenda? How about a Noël Coward sex parody?

Yes, following in the tradition of my Sartre sex parody and my Ibsen sex parody, my current writing project is a one-act spoof on Private Lives, the second most well-structured comedy in the English language right behind The Importance Of Being Earnest.

I had this idea in April of 2008 during a revision of Menage a Sartre, but other than a sample first few lines I didn’t write anything. More recently I took some notes and sniffed out some subject material—new age spirituality may come under fire. Now I’m going to take a shot at writing the thing.

There’s a bit of danger this time out. I am going in without much of a gag reel so I’ll have to create my jokes on the fly. Luckily with Coward I can just put in massive amounts of reflexive, dry wit. People will call it an homage.

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