Populism, Yeah Yeah

Last Wednesday I returned home from the city after sitting through a pedestrian, terribly uninteresting play. Still fuming, I went online, eventually making a routine check of Playbill’s website.

There I found something awesome!

With little other explanation, Playbill put up a gallery of photos from something called Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson: The Concert Version. The costumes were gorgeous, the set was lush, and both elements hinted at a weird, stylized show. The play I saw that evening lacked all of the above, so this seemed right up my alley.

I searched for more information, leading me to the play’s inevitable MySpace page. It had the show’s music.

And it was terrible.

Just a few seconds of the music revealed lyrics so thoughtless and instrumentation so tired that I closed the browser and went to bed, my faith in this show shattered.

But now this morning Critic-O-Meter sums up the reviews, revealing that Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson is terrible on purpose. The show is (at least in part) a send-up of Spring Awakening. As Critic-O-Meter quoted from Talkin’ Broadway:

With (intentionally) amateurish acting, (intentionally) poorly- and non-plotted and flat-out disconnected songs, and an (intentionally) irreverent attitude toward subjects of abject seriousness, this absorbingly effective riff on emo narrative by Alex Timbers and Michael Friedman is as much a comment on the ragged quality of this kind of storytelling as it is a story itself.

Such a roller coaster of expectations! But now that I’m interested in seeing this show again, I see it is entirely sold out. Oh well!

I may not get to see the show, but I can listen to its terrible, terrible music on MySpace whenever I want. Hooray!

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