Cultural Currency

Many of you are right now watching Hollywood congratulate itself. Since you saw some of the nominated films; you might mistakenly believe you have some investment in these awards. You’re fooling yourself. Your opinion means nothing to the Academy Awards.

Is that bad? Not at all! Your opinion means something to you and to those who hear it. Also, watching the Academy Awards allows you to contrast your opinion with Hollywood’s self-regard. You don’t affect the winners, but you do get to pocket some cultural currency. Even if you haven’t seen the movies, you can talk about them.

But I want to talk to you about Universal Robots instead.

Not just talk; I want it to mean something to you. Mac Rogers has taken a historically notable play—a play that was cultural currency; a play that gave us a concept we still employ daily—and turned it into something elegant, heartbreaking, and beautiful.

I wrote about the workshop production of Universal Robots last year. The cast and script are largely the same, but new director Rosemary Andress brings to the work vivid stage pictures that make the play even more spellbinding.

Of course I want you to see it; there are two weeks left to do so. And of course I know you can’t. I know that “you” as a reader of this weblog barely exist.

Again, I want Universal Robots to mean something to you. It means something to me. It’s a play that deserves to be cultural currency.

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