Meta Meta Itamar

Go see the Itamar Moses play Love/Stories (or But You Will Get Used To It) at The Flea!

It includes the short Authorial Intent, which was called “[T]he best part of McCarter Theatre’s last Short Play Festival.” by some guy on the Internet.

One warning: it’s all metatheatre. I came upstairs after the MTC production of The Four Of Us ranting: “Moses really needs to write a play that isn’t about writing a play. Even though he’s really really good at it.”

Then came the baseball/steroids play Back Back Back, which wasn’t metatheatre but was also really really good. Unfortunately, though, it was so true-to-life that Mark McGuire’s self-serving, vague explanations became the de facto moral of the story. Also, in our current LOL A-ROID era, the events of Back Back Back are so two scandals ago.

Love/Stories is solidly written and terrifically acted. Even if Moses is a snake eating his own tail, watching him eat is its own reward.

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