My Manifesto

Four years ago I wrote a manifesto about The Odd Couple. The great thing about manifestos is that you don’t have to follow them, at least not until you start believing in them.

And I believe in The Odd Couple.

The Odd Couple not as it is written, but how it should be written. In fact as it is written underneath its well-worn laugh lines.

I now believe that not only is my manifesto a valid approach to The Odd Couple, but that it is the only acceptable approach to The Odd Couple. The raw, cathartic power within Neil Simon’s work must become a part of all future productions.

Obviously, this requires some effort on my part; a careful abridgment of the original text is underway. Note the usual Mariano time delays—your toddler might be old enough to play Murray the Cop by the time I finish.

Why tell you this now? Two reasons:

  1. I saw Che, Part One on Friday, starring my dream Felix Ungar. A true revolutionary!
  2. A photograph came up in one of my Facebook feeds tonight from a production of The Odd Couple happening right now. As I type these words, somewhere in America these men are your Felix and Oscar. Unacceptable!

This must end!

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