Well, hello there, website! I have finally, finally completed a second, satisfactory draft of The Egypt Play, now known as The Cloak Of Horus!. It’s a fun little play that’s my first full-length in almost a decade. I joke about my glacial writing pace, but really, that’s just shameful.

So what’s next? I am actively working on Plantnapped! (apparently still visible in draft form). I am also jotting notes for the probably-should-be-abandoned James and Kathryn. I have finished drafts of The Aladdin Play (neglected since June 19, 2008) and The Quarantine Play (buried since December 27, 2007) that deserve some TLC.

But what’s really next is doing something with my shiny new full-length. The Cloak Of Horus may be about people trapped in an tomb, but I shouldn’t let it suffer the same fate.

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