Hip-Hop Ibsen

Seriously, folks; I have started at least three weblog entries this year and abandoned them. Here is the process:

  1. I attend a play.
  2. I think of a funny anecdote to say about it.
  3. I write it down in this weblog.
  4. I leave it as a draft for a week. In the meantime I tell my anecdote to everyone I know.

By the time I’m ready to post, I’m sick of the story!

So let’s post something quickly: playwriting notes! New notes for a play written over a year ago!

I need more rap in It Takes A Nation of Norwegians to Hold Us Back!

Obviously, the title comes from Public Enemy.

But I was jazzed up on Dead Prez and KRS-1 when writing the play. I wanted to get in the following lines and have them spoken by Stockmann:

“You would rather have a Lexus or justice? Some cash or some substance?”
— Dead Prez “Hip Hop”

“I tell my kids to watch the education they give ’em. Because it’s really all about street wisdom.”
— KRS-1 “Get Yourself Up”

And now tonight I heard Mos Def rapping in Black Star’s “Children’s Story.”

“Why you sellin’ lies to our wives and children?”
— Black Star “Children’s Story”

All three of those lines could conceivably be spoken by Stockmann, with maybe some minor alteration.

Notable is that all three of these songs are hip-hop self-analysis.

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