A gel bracelet.

Second Stage Theatre made the mistake of handing out gel bracelets prior to their Monday performance of Sarah Ruhl’s Eurydice. (Verdict: too Yalie!)

Why was it a mistake? Is it wrong to support “Living American Playwrights”?

No. It was wrong to give me the opportunity to twist and snap a piece of plastic against my wrist for ninety minutes. I’m such a child!

Let’s hope they don’t leave any bubble wrap near my seat during Coast of Utopia….

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2 Responses to Snap!

  1. isaac says:

    what the heck does “too Yalie” mean? There’s only one Yale person in the entire show (The actor playing Orpheus). Ruhl went to Brown, Les Waters started at the Royal Court, and then was part of Joint Stock and eventually headed the program at UCSD (which he no longer heads) and now is the associate artistic director of Berkeley Rep, where the production originated. Maria Dizzia, who plays Euridice, came from UCSD, but she’s been a freelance actress for quite awhile.

    I’ll admit that I liked the show, hence my indignation, but I also think the comment might betray… hmm… perhaps some bias towards the show’s previous producer?

  2. Mike Mariano says:

    Never believe any two word theatre review, Isaac! And I didn’t hate the show. Even so, too many of the design decisions struck me as a mix and match of images from Yale Rep over the past decade. Why are the Stones portrayed as spectral Victorians? Because costume designer Meg Neville is a 1997 YSD graduate. A gross generalization, of course, but it makes sense in my eyes.

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