Spoiler Alert, Losers!

In the year 2007, everything is a spoiler!

I saw the MTC production of Blackbird last night. (Short review: he’s wonderful, she’s terrible, the script is permissible.)

Following the performance, ushers handed out slips of paper meant as a “revision” to the Playbill. Understudy or sponsor information? No; Blackbird’s Playbill is intentionally misrepresented to avoid “spoiling” the show.

Handouts may be cumbersome, but they’re necessary to avoid spoiling precious plot twists!

Here’s another way to avoid spoilers—don’t open your program! That’s what I did; Playbill is a spoiler. It always has been! Curiosity is strong in all of us, but I wait until afterwards to see dramaturg notes, song listings, or “Where have I seen that guy?” cast information. All of that is just as overinformative as Blackbird’s Equity-rule-bending twist.

Bonus Spoilers: I live in fear that one day I will go to a perfectly normal movie, find it pleasant, and as the film ends, the screen will light up with the credit: “Secretly Directed by M. Night Shyamalan”. Please make sure this never happens.

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