If You Leave!

NOTE: Here at mikemariano.com, we run an ongoing series dedicated to the denigration of No Exit productions and adaptations that are not our own. The following is the latest in the series.

I think it’s neat that a new riff on No Exit—called Other People—is playing in New York. I just wish it didn’t sound so lame.

The official description? “[I]t is about a young couple with relationship problems who decide to go home with a woman they meet in a bar.” Not a great sell. The nytheatre.com review is reservedly positive, but doesn’t address my reservations. How is this Sartre? How is this sexy?

In the play’s favor, the male cast member looks like Ducky from Pretty In Pink! I love you, Ducky! I would have chosen you! I won’t let go at any price!

I put Naughty By Nature into Menage a Sartre. If Other People contains some OMD I think it could be a hit.

Bonus Warning: Other People’s playwright Joyce Wu stars in her own play. Unless Menage a Sartre is staged with circus freaks, you will not see yours truly as any of the characters.

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