I Dream of Research

I realize, now that I’m writing a play based in part on I Dream of Jeannie, that I have not seen an episode of I Dream of Jeannie for 12 years.

Maybe more than 12 years. I saw the film Apollo 13 in 1995, which featured a small clip of Jeannie—an example of what Americans in 1970 would rather watch than a NASA launch. That was my final Jeannie sighting—until tonight.

Through the power of BitTorrent, I am watching the (unaired?) pilot episode of I Dream of Jeannie and taking notes. I might pass out before I finish, but it’s vital that I refamiliarize myself with Majors Nelson and Healey.

Months ago I spent long hours in the Princeton University library, poring over Arabic myths I needed for the first act of As You Wish. Now I’m watching sitcoms. I guess I won’t blame you if you leave after the first act.

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