Electric Killebrew

Thanks to Mr. James Comtois for revealing that Blue Coyote Theater Group’s The Standards of Decency Project has been extended! I missed out on December’s regular run, but thanks to James, I caught a performance Friday night.

It’s very incourteous of me to write about it now, with only one performance left tomorrow evening, but I did enjoy these supposedly indecent short plays. As a collection “intended to offend,” Standards of Decency is a thorough failure. As a pleasant evening at the theatre, these plays were just fine.

But one was more than fine. The play True Love Waits by Boo Killebrew.

True Love Waits takes place at the raunchy bachelorette party of three women preparing for their weddings to Jesus Christ, weddings they expect to be much more physical than metaphorical. Not only was this the most consistently hilarious piece of the evening, it was also the richest, with three vivid characterizations in Killebrew’s smart script.

I almost want to tell all of you to grab your theatre troupes, knock on Killebrew’s door, and plead with her to stage this play. Almost. Because it would be hard to top the performances (by R. Jane Casserly, Laura Desmond, Sarah Ireland, and Sean Kenin) and the direction (by Stephen Speights). This was exemplary work all around; these people need to take this production where they can use a real bed instead of a giant air mattress.

The reason I’m so impressed is because this was the one play this evening that gave me something substantial. The one play in a long time. I want to see more of Killebrew’s work: she is definitely a playwright I might like.

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