I ♥ Ken

Enough about me: I forgot to write about playwright Ken Urban and his play I ♥ Kant, which closed in New York almost a month ago.

I left some of my thoughts with James Comtois on his weblog. Other thoughts? None so nice: I ♥ Kant confirmed my suspicion that just saying the name “Mac Wellman” means you’re allowed to use whatever slapdash theatrical devices you like. Direct address? Third person? Fourth-wall jokes? All Wellman-approved!

I also found this Post-It note I must have written during the train ride home, concerning an early monologue by the very young actress Kate Downing as the character Maureen, as she defends an album by the Rolling Stones:

It’s weird hearing a girl talk about Emotional Rescue when she looks younger than Dirty Work.

I was born like two Rolling Stones albums before her!

Believe me officer, if I’d have known I never would have gotten her ya-yas out.

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