Sartre Comes Again

After two long nights of PDF conversion, I have completed the second edition of Menage a Sartre. The PDF version of the play now spans 50 pages, which—if my previous estimates hold up—will result in a play twelve minutes long. This second edition replaces the first; if anyone wants a first edition Menage a Sartre let me know.

If you’ve read the first edition, the new section of the play will stand out. Some of this dialogue is now straight out of No Exit, but does it kill the mood? And are the new jokes funny?

But not all my time is spent wrestling with this computer. I’m also scrawling lifeless dialogue for my Egypt play! That’s one of the great and terrifying things about full-length plays: you can’t bail out after ten minutes. You have to keep the audience invested for hours! I’m not up to that challenge; this is going to require some major rewrites.

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