Running Times

Work continues on The Egypt Play, but the second act appears just as tepid as the first. Plus I found out that I cannot write with a British voice. All my years of slavish Anglophilia have gone to waste; I’m hopelessly American. How did the Hull College production of Couchophilia deal with lines like “Best goddamn Presidents Day weekend of my life.”?

Despite my inadequate service to the empire, I may begin a side project based on an English fairy tale: Jack the Giant Killer. I haven’t yet read the tale as linked, but the story’s format may make for something episodic.

Oh, and my Menage a Sartre expansion is finished. But while I have added roughly seven minutes to the play, I discovered that the play is nearly fifteen minutes shorter than my 2004 estimate. The expanded Menage has a duration of only 36 minutes. At least, I think it does. To be more accurate, me reading Menage out loud has a duration of only 36 minutes.

I’m concerned: what are the real running times of my plays? I read them aloud, I count pages, but these aren’t exact methods. Everyone reading this now has to put on one of my plays, if only to get an accurate time length. Bonus points if you’re British.

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