The End Times

Jason Grote cuts right to the point with a weblog post titled “I really, seriously think that I don’t want to invite the New York Times to review my shows, ever.”

He has good reason: the theatre coverage in the Times is often wretched. Some reviewers are bewilderingly ignorant, they show it, and the Times doesn’t seem to care.

Jason has his solution. I have mine: I dropped the New York Times from my feed list. I ran out of reasons to read them; gives me the breadth of coverage that I want while others give me the depth. I don’t want to perpetuate any reverse-snobbery—this is pure pragmatism—but the Times is useless to me.

I guess that feed list link reveals what I do read and—look! It’s all theatre bloggers! I think that counts as a blogroll.

So if you’re not on the list of my theatre feedage, it means I hate you. And if you are on the list, it means I hate you even more. I keep my enemies close.

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3 Responses to The End Times

  1. Jason Grote says:

    Funnily enough, I am putting together a list I think all us young theatre-folk should read, and in addition to Aristotle, Brecht, and Peter Brook it includes Sun-Tzu, Machiavelli, and Lenin. Though I can’t remember if “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” is actually from some political text or like GOODFELLAS.

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