Less Is More

Where one stands while saying line X utterly colors the nature of an exchange. (If I’m looking at my scene partner, I feel one thing. If I’m avoiding looking at him, I feel another).

—Martha Lavey, cast member of Love-Lies-Bleeding, Steppenwolf Theatre

You know, I want to try that “less is more” kind of acting. Where you just—when you’re talking to someone you close your eyes. And then you look at them when you’re not talking to the person. I mean you open your eyes when you’re looking away but then when you talk to the person you go like that. And you open your eyes and then you look back at the person, but you never open your eyes when you’re talking to the person.

—Sheila Albertson, cast member of Red, White, and Blaine, Waiting for Guffman

Catherine O'Hara as Sheila Albertson in Waiting for Guffman, acting with her eyes closed.

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  1. Rupert says:

    Is that catherine o’hara?!

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