Wish Fulfillment, Second Edition

New to the site is an updated version of Wish Fulfillment!

This is all thanks to Brooklyn College MFA dramaturgs Jen Leeson and Martina Weber for selecting my play for a December reading in New York. About half of Wish Fulfillment (the half without the character of Mom) was read alongside other plays for the MFA class.

Based on discussions with Jen and Martina, and through rewriting before and after the reading, I made some major revisions to the play. Nearly every line has been revised in some way—I never do that!

The biggest change is that the character of Kevin is gone. He’s replaced by Oprah! (sort of) I have also tried to tone down some of David’s whining and Mom’s faulty logic.

And because I never learn my lesson, I have added Stevie Wonder lyrics to the dialogue. Rock on!

I’d also like to thank actors Russ Feder (David), Glen Urieta (Genie), and William DeMerritt (Roger) for a terrific job; they got a really enthusiastic audience response. I wasn’t quite sure if any audience would be able to understand the Genie’s casual world-changing, especially one that didn’t even see the beginning of the play. But Russ, Glen, and Bill made their scenes plausible and exciting.

Coincidentally, Bill is now touring with McCarter’s production of The Arabian Nights. More genies!

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