Marked Up Plays

You may notice that the new Wish Fulfillment is now brought to you in sparkling new HTML. So is nearly every other play on this site.

Gone are the plain text copies that I never completely enjoyed. Instead I spent months marking up each script, matching the hypertext structure and style with the PDF plays on this site.

The only stylesheet that looked acceptable in all the browsers I tested was the current manuscript-style copy, but it’s possible to make these plays look much different. All it takes are people who want to show off their impressive CSS skills.

I originally wanted to bring you HTML plays five years ago, but the output from Word and other programs was ugly, inflexible, and massive. It still is; that’s why I marked everything up by hand.

Comments and suggestions are welcome; if you miss the TXT files or have a style suggestion, let me know.

So now, after about eight years of Mike Mariano dot com (in one form or another), you can finally read my work in a web format. I call it progress.

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