The Way The Web Works

I spent the month of January converting most of my plays into good old HTML—the way the web works! I now realize that I didn’t mark them up well enough, though, so I’m going back through and adding divs like crazy!

But it’s one thing to add markup to my scripts; it’s another to make them look nice. I need your help.

I’d like you to take a look at two versions of Urban Myth. The first is formatted like a manuscript—the same way I format my printed plays you see in PDF on the site. The second is formatted in a style closer to those of published plays like the ones on Playscripts.

Please play around with both files: increase the text size, print them out, draw dirty pictures on them. Then tell me what you think. Both versions use CSS-generated content to create parentheses and colons, and these won’t show up in the ancient Internet Explorer. Does this make it difficult to read?

Here are the files: Update: Now that the HTML plays have been uploaded I have removed these samples.

  • Urban Myth manuscript style
  • Urban Myth published style

Feedback is welcome. And if you have any suggestions or style tips of your own, please tell me!

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