“You Like His Music!”

Being East Coast elitists, Andy and I were delighted when Woody Allen took some cheap shots at Andrew Lloyd Webber towards the end of Match Point.

I know Charles Taylor warned us against this, but the scenario was just so delicious! Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is trying to coax Emily Mortimer into seeing Lloyd Webber’s The Woman In White, and to do so he says, “Come on, you like his music.”

That’s not an observation—that’s an insult! And I instantly put it to use, throwing the accusation, “You like his music!” at anyone who would mention Lloyd Webber, in any context.

But now we learn that The Woman In White will close on Broadway very soon. I guess I can lob that insult at fewer people than I think.

Bonus Elitism: When they aren’t snickering at big budget musicals, Match Point’s characters are going crazy over The Motorcycle Diaries! Huh? And another hit snob film, Caché, features prominent movie posters for Open Water and Van Helsing. Rock on!

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3 Responses to “You Like His Music!”

  1. Mac says:

    Big Mike Mariano! What’s happening?

  2. Mike Mariano says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Mac! Lately I’ve been thinking about the theatre news I need to consume. I realize I like theatre bloggery from the trenches; from audience members who are analyzing what they’ve seen or from writers, directors, and producers who are swapping war stories. Besides your current dialogue at Nosedive, another excellent post in this vein is Sean’s Why Producing Theater is Bad Economics.

    Why do all the other blogs write endless, meaningless “theatre’s role in society” posts? I’ll stick with gay jokes about Frodo.

  3. Andy says:

    Thanks for calling me an East Coast elitist. Take that, back-home Michigan friends! You wish you were as intolerant as I!

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