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East of Barbara Eden

A prior idea for the Aladdin play included modern-day Chinese Muslims illegally held as Guantánamo Bay prisoners, their plight contrasting with Aladdin’s good fortune. Months later that idea has devolved into the concept of pairing one of my genies with … Continue reading

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Brokeback Mount Doom

By spying on George Hunka’s performance calendar, I see a production of Hedda Gabler is coming to Brooklyn all the way from Sydney, Australia. The production carries with it the star power of Cate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving. Wait a … Continue reading

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Towards A Poor Theatregoer

I accompanied our own Nancy V. to a preview performance of Adam Rapp’s Red Light Winter this afternoon. Now, it’s impolite to say bad things about a play before it opens, but I will say this: don’t waste your money. … Continue reading

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