Wilson Off-Limits


At Request of August Wilson Estate, NYC’s Signature Changes Its 2006 Season Plan

By “changes”, Playbill means that Signature Theatre Company will go from staging eleven Wilson plays to staging zero.

What better way to honor August Wilson than by not staging his work?

Oh, here’s a way: open the new August Wilson Theatre with a musical that has only one black guy in the cast. And no black people in the audience.

I’m not saying the estate should go the route of Dr. Seuss’s wife; we don’t need to see Rosie O’Donnell or Mike Myers tarting up Wilson’s work. But when the current standard bearer of August Wilson is a Frankie Valli impersonator, the last thing we need is fewer of his plays onstage.

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  1. Mike Mariano says:

    There’s more information in this Variety article.

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