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True Playwright Confessions

Fellow playwright/blogger Mac Rogers has returned to the subject of Harold Pinter. The last time he did so he followed it with a short play, You Look Really Hot, about two secretaries.

Mac’s play by itself is a twisted mindgame. One of the secretaries says something so brazen so matter-of-factly that it turns the other’s worldview (or at least office-view) upside down.

But in my mind, I can’t help but hear Mac’s pivotal lines spoken not by the secretary, but in the voice of Casey Kasem.

Casey Kasem Well let me ask you this: given the outfit that you’re wearing, how difficult would it be for him to get some of his fingers into your snatch?


Monica I’m sorry, did you—

Casey Kasem … Specifically, with those clothes you have on, how difficult would it be for him to get two or three of his fingers into your nasty snatch?

How did I mentally cast Casey Kasem? Perhaps there’s something inviting about a reassuring radio voice dropping vulgarities? Or that he gets to count digits from two all the way up to number three? I don’t know.

So now that my confession has ruined You Look Really Hot for everyone, go see Mac’s current play, Hail Satan!

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  1. Mac says:

    This is awesome, Mike, but the Will Eno thing is even awesomer. I mean, maybe something amazing happens in the performance of that piece, but I read the whole damn thing in the store with my jaw on the floor. “This has been running how many months?”

    Thank you for the plug!

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