Give Me Wild Bucks!

Grocery shopping tonight in Princeton with other stupid liberals, what do I get suckered into? The return of Wild Bucks!

As they did last year, Wild Oats is distributing Wild Bucks from now until Thanksgiving. Unlike last year, when a turkey awaited the top bucks earners, this year’s award is only a $10 gift card.

Last year, Andy and I together earned only eight Wild Bucks. I asked for surplus bucks at work, with friends, even on Craig’s List. But none of the Casual Encounters readers were interested in giving me their Wild Bucks, no matter what I offered to do for them. Thanksgiving rolled around, and my bucks became worthless.

This year will be different. With more than a month to go, I have eight Wild Bucks. And a grocery bill $40 higher than usual. No matter how uneconomic this promotion is, I don’t plan to be empty handed.

So if in the next few weeks you find yourself with an errant Wild Buck, if you won’t use it, send it my way! You’ll have my sincere gratitude. And if you’re a pervert on Craig’s List, you’ll have more than that.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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