Spader Kings Play Songs Of Love

Everything I know about women, I’ve learned from the plays I write:

(8:52) Mike Mariano: OMG LOST!

(8:52) Mike Mariano: In five minutes!

(8:53) Dean Hurley: pfft – watchin boston legal from yesterday

(8:53) Mike Mariano: I turned on Boston Legal last night.

(8:53) Mike Mariano: Spader is TURNING INTO Shatner.

(8:53) Mike Mariano: His cadence, his posture, etc.

(8:53) Dean Hurley: pffft – i was entertaining a woman

(8:53) Dean Hurley: lol

(8:54) Dean Hurley: i am getting u a chick

(8:56) Dean Hurley: lets go to a bar and act like spader and shatner

(8:56) Mike Mariano: You mean tell a woman to put her hands on the bar, then jerk off onto her back?

I’m so lonely.

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