Now It’s Garbage!

Picture One.

Picture Two.

These listless publicity photos from the Broderick/Lane Odd Couple are all it took to turn me back into a frothing theatre radical. Click those links, stare into the faces of our enemy. It’s from these Producers that we need to reclaim Neil Simon.

Study this USA Today interview. What can you get from these superstars that you can’t get from your own community theatre? What can they tell you about humanity?

Broderick Two people on the street came over yesterday and said they had just paid $250 for tickets to the show, and they didn’t seem too happy about it. “Well, I just spent $250 to get a ticket to see your show. That’s a lot of money.” You know, I don’t think we’re going to be that good.

Bueller, for those prices you’d better get naked for us.

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