Heilpern Revisited

In their first theatre-related column since July, the New York Observer printed an article written not by missing critic John Heilpern, but by the dude from Gawker.

Don’t get nervous—Choire Sicha (now Senior Editor for the Observer) wrote a genuinely entertaining fall preview. Anything that name-checks Joy Division is fine by me.

Spurred by this, I sent a second e-mail to the Observer that led to some fresh information about our favorite critic: Heilpern is expected to return shortly. Pay no attention to my ominous conjectures in the previous post; Heilpern’s absence isn’t much more than a summer break of sorts.

I’ll be eagerly awaiting his return. In the meantime, I suppose there’s nothing to do but read Village Voice reviews of the Magical Brazilian Dolphin Musical!

Update: If you need photographic evidence of our subject’s well-being, Playbill provides it.

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