Merde Science

Gwyneth Paltrow on Proof, to Roger Ebert:

“I don’t know a thing about math but in this movie you don’t need to.”

Paltrow goes on to provide an example of her pathological Anglophilia.

Anthony Lane on the film version of Proof:

As with so much popular science, Proof wants to tickle us by glamorizing the intensity of mathematical thought, with its notoriously short burn and other risks, but doesn’t dare to frighten or offend the customers by actually showing them, however briefly, what such thinking might look like.

Lane goes on to advocate for Disney musical numbers in this film.

Me, on a stage production of Proof:

That’s author David Auburn’s worst offense: nothing ever goes over your head. His characters are dazzled by their own work, but we as the audience barely get a glimpse of it—we are in no danger of actually learning something. That should be a crime.

I go on to listen to “New York City Boy” by the Pet Shop Boys fourteen times in a row.

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