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Membership Has Its Privileges

Are you happy now, Dean? Members Only is now on the site. This play was known as Fraternity when I wrote it in 2002. I revised it this past summer and changed the title. It’s about penises. Enjoy!

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Heilpern Revisited

In their first theatre-related column since July, the New York Observer printed an article written not by missing critic John Heilpern, but by the dude from Gawker. Don’t get nervous—Choire Sicha (now Senior Editor for the Observer) wrote a genuinely … Continue reading

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Pump Up The Royalties

An article in Everett, Washington’s Daily Herald today shows how playwrights and publishing companies are essentially beating up drama students for their lunch money. Some of the royalty percentages discussed aren’t too different from a professional production; only the smaller … Continue reading

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