Crisis of Faith

Five minutes into writing my Ibsen play and I’m having a crisis of faith.

So far it isn’t even slightly Norwegian. It isn’t yet sexy, which makes it a lousy companion to Menage a Sartre. Unless things pick up when the good Doctor S. makes his entrance, I may have to start over.

Therefore, my eye is wandering to other projects. On Saturday, Dean made a reference in casual conversation to a character from our long dormant Marley Show rewrite—a character we hadn’t even written. Further thoughts on Now Departing, as we’ve been calling the revised play, made me think of a different approach to the play. We were considering the play’s theme to be “death.” But it might be more interesting to tie everything together under the theme of “thievery.” As it stands now, Bill will loot corpses and steal girlfriends, and the revised Del will also be looking to take something of his own.

Last night I had my fifth or sixth idea for a Now Departing opening (It involves Bill doing inappropriate things with balloons.), so maybe now is the time to start writing it.

I also had another idea for a full-length which would combine the historical inaccuracy of this fairy tale with the real-life crimes at Guantánamo with my own Wish Fulfillment. If I can pull that together I think I’d really like the results.

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