A Productions Page

A site redesign is still in progress, but I think all of the plays have landed in the right spots. Ironically, my more recent work is temporarily stuck with their old designs. Feedback is welcome, let me know if you get hopelessly lost.

New is a Productions page, which will serve as an archive for productions of my work. I will soon tear through my scrapbooks and update the links which currently go nowhere.

Here’s the thing: I have a very incomplete history of my work. There are cast members, performance locations, and even entire productions that I know next to nothing about. I need your help!

If you have been involved in any production of my plays (The Marley Show, The Bill Show, and Jack, Wanda, and Ben especially), please write to me! Let me know names, dates, etc. If you can also send me something like a program, please do so.

Some groups have already sent me plenty, and that’s great. You will see it here soon.

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