The Mamet Whisperer

Selected Lines Spoken By The President’s Daughter in David Mamet’s Spartan

  • “What’s the matter you don’t like blondes?”
  • “Fuck it, I don’t wanna go home. Nobody there cares about me. I’m just a whore. I’m just a little whore.”
  • “I was raised by wolves.”
  • “Leonidas, King of Sparta, when a neighboring state would plead for military aid, would send one man.”
  • “You ever hear the one about the king who turned his daughter into gold? Yeah. He turned his daughter into gold.”
  • “His fucking trick pony. His election ad. Fucking cocksuckers.”
  • “He, he wouldn’t even come and see me. He said he would come and see me.”
  • “‘Here’s what you tell the press. Don’t talk. Don’t tell anybody.’ I told him I was gonna tell.”
  • “He had to come and see me. And he wouldn’t even come and see me.”
  • (Gags, runs to the sink, and vomits.)
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