Fringe Happens

Mac, it’s time for you to do another round of SlowLearner Fringe Festival Title Awards. Last year’s roundup made for your most popular weblog entry (and by “popular” I mean “offended the most people”), so a 2005 edition can bring nothing but joy.

Of course, maybe you’re too good to judge a play by its title now that you have your own musical in the Fringe. Congratulations! But don’t let the success go to your head: making fun of people on the Internet is still more important than actual artistic accomplishments.

A quick glance shows only one other play of immediate interest to me: Fucking Ibsen Takes Time, which apparently puts Ibsen’s most notable heroines “under one roof”—with sexy results. Being that I am about to start writing my own sex-filled Ibsen parody, this show should be at the top of my list.

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2 Responses to Fringe Happens

  1. Laura says:

    Oh dear. Was that the entry that got Mac into trouble? Isn’t Google much more powerful now?

    And wasn’t that entry pretty funny?

    (I shouldn’t encourage him either on that one.) ;)

  2. Mike Mariano says:

    With Fleet Week, does Mac have to worry that turnabout is fair play? Will someone make fun of his Fringe show?

    What’s there to make fun of? Certainly not the title. Nor the memorable concept. If anything, Fleet Week will be attacked for being too legit. When the inevitable Village Voice article rolls around that bemoans the “mainstreaming” of the Fringe, will it single out Fleet Week simply because its inspiration is a classic motion picture? Even that wouldn’t be Mac’s fault, it would be the Fringe’s for not sending a rejection letter along the lines of “Fleet Week too enjoyable.”

    I regret that I haven’t found anything immediately horrendous in the Fringe catalog. Whither Hot Pineapples?

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