A Good Start

I finished a draft of Zenyatta Piñata last night. (So we’re keeping score correctly, that makes a draft of Zenyatta Piñata, a first draft of the Platonic Philosopher Kings, and a super-expanded Jack, Wanda, and Ben that I’m holding back from you.) Right now it ends on such an awful note. Like Muggled, it’s a sick joke with the joke removed. I don’t find anything funny in ZP. And I like it that way. It’s right now a ten-minute play. Should I add more to it? I definitely have more material, but I don’t think it would add anything new. You may see it soon.

After subsequent drafts of Zenyatta Piñata and Philosopher Kings, the next play will likely be a one-act Ibsen parody. The Ibsen play, Philosopher Kings, and Menage a Sartre may all fit together as a evening of one-acts.

Does this amalgamation count as the full-length play I promised you in January? No! One-acts are one-acts, no matter how I group them. Yet apart from Now Departing, I have only one modest idea for a full-length play. And the only line of dialogue I have so far is “Tutan-cummin’ on her Nefer-titties.”

Comparatively, I suppose that’s a good start.

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