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Hey, you know your August Wilson. You’ve read Fences and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. So why is it you pick up The New Yorker this morning and scratch your head over references to “1839 Wylie” and “Old Joe Barlow”? Shouldn’t you know this? Isn’t your place of employment staging one of these plays in a few months? What’s wrong with you?

So are you going to enhance your August Wilson knowledge by actually reading his ten plays? No way—this is the twenty-first century! We don’t read books. We read wikis! Wikis! I have no idea what that word means, but the basic idea is that other people write about things and then you get to steal what they wrote for your schoolwork.

So what does that have to do with you, the clueless August Wilson reader? Well, for your benefit, I’m starting The August Wilson Wiki! Beginning with my own limited knowledge, I am creating a page that lists all of Wilson’s plays. From there, devotees from across the Internet will fill in the blanks, rendering the Wilsonverse in detail. It will be easy to make your way through the Twentieth Century Cycle of African-American Experience, one wiki page at a time.

And once you do, call me and tell me what happens in these plays. I’m too busy to check the wiki.

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3 Responses to The August Wilson Wiki

  1. dan says:

    Two Trains Running — Um…he wants his ham?

  2. Mike Mariano says:

    Indeed, Two Trains Running includes a character named “Hambone”. Your own Johann Phillipe Benkowicz would be proud.

  3. Mike Mariano says:

    For more hambone hilarity, here’s a poorly-written essay about Trains Running [sic]:

    In the midst of unemployment, death, and a white power structure allowing few alternative [sic], where do you look for salvation?

    This question was also asked in 1992 by way of the film Juice: How Far Will You Go To Get It?

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