So Long, Blackula!

What’s more embarrassing?

So long, Blackula!

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2 Responses to So Long, Blackula!

  1. Jason Grote says:

    Well, that’s whatcha get for reading THE NEW REPUBLIC. And, you know, I haven’t been able to write on NJ Transit trains for years… At least until it became the province of bleating yuppies on cell-phones…

  2. Mike Mariano says:

    Well, that’s whatcha get for reading The New Republic.

    Tell me about it. I started reading for Robert Brustein’s possibly extinct monthly theatre column. Luckily I also get the added value of articles denouncing the state of Delaware.

    I find obnoxious train passengers to be less of a distraction to my writing than diversions of my own creation. Like this weblog! I bet if I chuck this computer out the window I’ll become more productive. But then I’ll never find more Friendsters!

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