More Ibsen Plays Should Have Steve McQueen

No time for chit-chat, kids. I’m finishing up a first draft of my Plato play and doing a lot of research on Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People. Part of my reading led me to, which I must admit, compared to your current surroundings, is a better site about a better playwright.

One of the current front page articles is about a recent Norwegian film adaptation of Enemy, set in the present. The end of the article contains this quote:

On a worldwide basis An Enemy of the People has been filmed three times before. The first occasion was a German production from 1937. Then came an American production from 1977 with Steve McQueen….

Dude, Steve McQueen! More Ibsen plays should have Steve McQueen! Check it out:

  • A Doll’s House: Nora leaves the house. Torvald gets into his 1968 Ford Mustang GT and gives pursuit!
  • Hedda Gabler: Instead of a gun, Hedda Gabler offs herself by burning down her skyscraper apartment. Judge Brack must escape!
  • Ghosts: Osvald escapes the devastating effects of syphilis—by riding his motorcycle into Switzerland!

Just as Ibsen originally intended!

PS: Did anyone else notice that Enemy was first filmed in Nazi Germany? Because there was nothing more important in 1937 than allowing Germans to speak the truth….

PPS: Check out Dr. Stockmann on the poster for the current Norwegian version of Enemy. He looks like Jason Statham! I suppose if the deceased McQueen isn’t available for more Ibsen, we’ll have to make do with everyone’s favorite Eurotrash action hero in the part of John Rosmer. Diminishing returns….

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