Outright Idiotic Conversation

If you’re speaking out loud in my presence, please be witty, please. I can’t stand to listen to outright idiotic conversation. Study the following examples.


Dean Somewhere in the city is a tower shaped like a lipstick tube. I think people from Revlon work there. And they’re all lesbians.

Mike I think it’s safe to assume, then, that they’re all lipstick lesbians.


Train Passenger So dude, tell me who wins in a fight: Spider-man or Jack Bauer?

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2 Responses to Outright Idiotic Conversation

  1. Mac says:

    And if you have to do “who would win in a fight,” stick to “Larry David vs David Brent.”

  2. Mike Mariano says:

    This young man on the train asked his question via cell phone, asserting that Spider-Man would lose because Kiefer’s Jack Bauer consistently and narrowly avoids shootings, nuclear blasts, etc. And, of course, no comic book character has the ability to get out of last minute scrapes.

    And let’s ignore the fact that I had no idea who David Brent was until five seconds ago.

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